Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Departure

I'm here right now after sending off Q in that very same Charminar express, unable to forget that exact moment when he had tears in his eyes, and also not able to sit back at home to see that completely evacuated room of his. This emptiness isn't exactly the same as the previous one when I was alone at home, rather different probably because of the fact that this change is something permanent.

Though we've been discussing about this change or move for the past 2 weeks, even going to the extreme of uttering statements like, "Nothing is permanent in life, except change", it still hurts. It hurts at least for the moment when you say that final "Bye" to the people, the city, the places which have been your Life for quite some time.

And yeah, I'll be missing his kannada, his corrections on the so-called-telugu that I speak, his sambar and the cooking that we used to do together, the intranet chats (which nobody else would be able to understand due to the proper mix of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and English), the sharing of those team/office topics and gossips, those night time chats at our balcony. And the list just doesn't end there..

But still, the journey goes on. Every one has to move on, to see those different phases of one's life. And Q is moving into one of the important phases of it, stepping into those great grounds of the prestigious IIM-B. All the very best da!

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venk said...

Nuv cheppindhantha sariye..
Life goes on.. idhe nenuu nerchukunnadhi..