Sunday, April 13, 2008

20 to 30

It's the approximate time period of your life when you step out of your family to continue your studies or to start working and until when you start a family of your own (or at least till you get committed!); which could be the most crucial and decisive period of one's life time.

It's during this period, when one could as well change the entire flow of his life. It's this period, when one can get to see the most wonderful days of his life which would long last in his memories. It's this period, when one can work towards achieving whatsoever dreams he might have had. It's this period, when you start standing on your own legs; when you start realizing about the world, the people, the sin, the joy, etc. around you; when you get to know and meet the most important persons of your life.

You could either be in a college environment doing your undergrad or postgrad, or in a workplace during this time period. But its altogether completely 2 different feel that you might get in them. You could cherish your college days forever, and its a place where you feel more secure, where you are always surrounded by a gang of similar mindset people, where you wouldn't even get an idle time to sit and write such a crappy post like this! (:P) And I wish even now, that I'm back in a college environment.

Workplace - here is where you'll start looking at the unseen-dimensions of your own life. Well, to start with you'll have to look after your stay! when you're out of your secure-home or college-hostel (It might not be an issue for most of the hostelers to get accustomed to new places where you share things). Or otherwise you could be facing at least few problems with your beloved room-mates!, Iff you're not willing to adjust and share things ;) But, if you wish you could make your staying place as a home-sweet-home, if you get set well with your roomies, et al, you would surely even miss those days when you keep moving forward in your life; when you think of those moments like - first day first show at IMAX, self cooking tryouts, hang-outs during weekends, lunch at those favorite restaurants, marvelous 1-day to 5-days trips to places never seen before, playing cards & dumb-c @ night times gossiping and pulling each others legs, midnight birthday parties, etc etc

Back from home-sweet-home to workplace, you could as well be jammed in with nice and joyous moments to few bad moments as well. Chit-chats about the work & manager during snacks time, wonderful team outings, mind-blowing party times, eccentric birthday bashes, hot technical discussions, euphoric carom/fuzz ball games, small fights with manager, etc. Its again in your hands, in increasing or decreasing those joyous and bad moments here as well.

Well, how am I gonna end this post now ?
And, why did I ever started writing one ?

Its probably because, both of my roomies have left for US. And my parents and sister who were here in Hyderabad for 2 weeks to give company for me, have left as well. Though, I kind of starting to like this loneliness, the silence, the calmness; I wouldn't even compare it with the time I spend in home being with my parents or roomies. May be it all drills down to 'I' vs 'Family & Friends' ?

Okie, I guess I should stop here. See you all soon!


Uma said...

Really good post viki! :)
I wonder how u get time to think abt these things and write down..obviously when u r alone at your house now I guess ... :)
anyways expecting more from u hereafterwards.. ;P

Vigneshwar said...

very touching! its one of the best post you have ever written.

I would like to say one thing. every part of our life is there for its own purpose. Like this interim of loneliness gave way to the creation of a wonderful post like this.

Cherish every moment. Joy will fill your life :-)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comments :)

>> its one of the best post you have ever written.
He he.. Nice to hear that! :)

And very true that, you've to enjoy every moment of your life.

venk said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the others. It IS one of the best and most thoughtful posts you have written. It made me think a lot too. I mean, it was very 'impactful' if thats the word I want. Anyway good..I guess something inside you is coming out when nobody is around you :-)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks a lot for that comment. Felt nice that you've mentioned it as impactful :)

D said...

good one man! something really sensible from you!

venk said...

hosdhaagi yenu bareyalillaveno ?