Friday, December 22, 2006

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Yeah.. For all those HP fans out ther, thats the name of the Book 7 of the HP Series.. And the book is obviously gonna be very very dark.. and the title says soo..

The placeholder put up in the Amazon site, has been filled yesterday with book cover, as JK announced the name of her 7th book in her site on Dec 21st.

Though, the release dates have not been announced, but will be mostly by the summer 2007 and as the fans are expecting it to be on 7-7-07 [ten years after her 1st book release] and also 7 is a strong magical number according to JK.. :P There is a very high possibility for this release date.. Have to wait.. :)

So, here are some official kutti-kutti info about the Book-7 from JK's Site...
  • Atleast 2 important characters will die
  • One person whom she didn't expect to live has been granted a reprief [Whozz that??]
  • The last word of the book is scar
  • Sorting Hat/Harry are not Horcruxes
For more details about book-7, check out the Known plot details in this link:

Okay, lets leave all these official info on one side.. Lets just try to make out our own guesses.. ;)
  • Out of the 4 horcruxes, that Harry & Co need to destroy to have a final big fight with Voldy.. the 3 other houses' [cup, locket, naagini] goes out with less priority.. But the one which is from Gryffindors has to be a major part in the book..
  • Godric Hollow, the hiding place of James/Lily [and also the home of Harry] has got something in its name related to Godric Gryffindor.. So the plot remains there, how Voldy created his horcrux out of the death of James/Lily.. Has to be the most powerful one.. Also there is a high chance that it might be the Harry's Scar [Though JK has mentioned Harry is not a horcrux, Why cant his scar be ?? ]
  • And those 2 important characters who are going to die, may obviously be Harry & Voldy.. :(

Enough of speculations !!! ;)
Lets wait and see !!!

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