Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ambigrams !!!

You can see symmetry in many ways.. Ambigrams [ambi+gram=>same+letter in latin] have always been an interest for me.. I used to try out my name, and my friends name using ms-paint [as i will be doing a rotate by 180 degree, after making half the part of the word] during all my vetti times..[very old days.. ;)] Though when i ask people are you able to read this, i will always get a very bad response..

Ambigrams are of many types.. and i don't really wanna write an essay about that here.. So just go through these links to get to know more about them:

There are also online ambigram generators available.. I found one such site, and got the ambigram for my name, but that wasn't very pleasing.. After i googled along with my name, i got myself landed in this person's BlogSpot link, Amarnath [actually my college mate]. What a creativity he has got, and i was really impressed by his Tamil Ambigrams in particular.. Everything was really really cool.. And in particular, i got the Ambigram for my name too, which was even cooler than anything else [as its my name.. ha ha ha :D]

I just modified it to some extent.. And here you go..

Till next post,


Srini said...

Wow.. very nice. If you love them so much, get hold of Angels and Demons book. It has most of the stunning Ambigrams, as far as i have seen :)

nagfa said...

nice, the v-i/h rotation is smooth. well done! we design ambigrams too.. visit us at


Vignesh Kumar said...

Ppl, I din't design that Ambigram, its designed by

Seshu said...

Hey vicky,

Cool ambigrams da.. i saw some of dem in d links dat u had mentioned in d post.. amazin da.. :) unakku eppothulendhu indha aasai vandhadhu??

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thanks for ur comment Sesh.. :)
Actually, wen i was ther in VZ, i tried writing names of Sesha, Asheed and all..

But, I myself dint like them.. He he he :D So left that interest apdiyae..

Now, chumma last week, pazhaya gyabagam-la vandhu, indha vetti vela panninaen.. :D

Keep visiting.. Take care da.. :)

Amarnath said...


i dint see the comments da.. jus now i saw.. u made coloring effects and all.. coool.. may be use photoshop and give to me da.. i am lazy.. :p and ya, keep the alphabets close. else , n wont be clear..

and ofcourse i remember you.. thanks for posting the link also..

Amarnath said...

and one more info,

ambi means two or both in latin.. :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Thnx for ur comments.. :)
And the new ambigrams in ur Space are awesome..
And yeah, *ambi* means both.. :P

Okaysss.. TC, Tata..