Thursday, June 29, 2006

Goa !!!

Hi all..

Am not gonna scribble much in this post.. Yeah, am gonna put some pix taken during my Trip to Goa..

The plan was started a month back by my colleagues, and they started all the discussions thru mail, and one day wen i opened my yahoo mail i saw around 80 mails with subject Re: Tour Plan !! I juz selected everything and deleted,

I was not much interested in the trip from the beginning, as i thought takin leave for 2 days immediately after joining in a new company is very bad and also for some other reasons...

But finally, i started with them for the trip.. we reached there by Air Deccan, i wont comment much abt the flight journey, but i really enjoyed the sight seeing wen we wer nearing Goa.. May be the pilot thought we wll enjoy those stuffs, and hence was flyin very low.. or is it the nature of Air Deccan ATR buses by themselves tat they cant go further higher.. :) I donno.. :))

It was monsoon time, and the rain started heavily from our second day.. And we got 3 bikes to roam around several beaches in Goa.. We dint even care for gettin completely wet in the rain, and most of the time we wer in bike.. as and wen we reach some Beach, they wll say all the water rides/other things hv been closed 'coz of monsoon and dont get in as the weather is rough.. blah blah.. :))

The things which i really enjoyed in the trip s tat we played in the swimmin pool in our Beach Resort for hours.. and during nights we played cards, and wer fighting/tryin to hit others like anything..

Here are some of the good quality pixxxx....!!!!
In Dona Paulo Beach

Climbin the Chapora Fort

Taking rest after a long Bike ride


Prathiba said...


Didn't know you had put this post. Been two days since i logged into net.. :(

Nice pics. You seem happier :)
Hope it is that way :)
Goa poittu nalla sight adichiya ?

vigneshkumar said...

Hey, I made this post today only.. :)

Initially thought of not makin a post at all.. but then wanted to put some pics n so made it.. :)

Photovukku yaarachum azhudhuttae pose kuduppangala enna.. But still i enjoyed the trip.. amidst certain mental pressures... :)

Adhu enna pressure nu sonna, naan seruppalayae adi vaanguvaen.. :)

Anonymous said...

appadi enna mental pressure unakku??


vigneshkumar said...

Yen ipdi enna vambula matti vidura..

Its not related to....

podhuma.. :)

Prathiba said...


Enna nadakudhu ? ozhunga sollidu ...illati avalavu thaan..:)
jus kidding. relieve urself from all mental tensions..

Srini said...

Cool pictures da :)

Did u try the Super-fast water scooter at Dono Paula?

vigneshkumar said...

Ada paavi.. Yen ipdi kadupethra.. As its monsoon time, everythin closed in most of the beaches..

We dint go for a single ride da.. :(

Seshu said...

hi vicky..

NIce post n nice pics da.. :)

vigneshkumar said...


Thanku !!!! :)