Monday, August 11, 2008

Say 'NO' to Tata Indicom Broadband

Instead of trying to make 'a post a day' which I said in my previous post, I'm making more than 2 customer service calls a day!

I've to apply for Tata indicom broadband as there is no coverage by Airtel in our area :'( But still I went for these guys, as my lucky room-mate is already having a Tata indicom connection and hasn't got any problem so far with the connectivity. So, if and only if you are one such lucky persons, you can go for Tata Indicom I guess. I had my issues started with these guys right after applying for the connection. It took almost 3 weeks for me to get the connection activated (Since I got no response for my first request, I logged 1 more to get the connection. How stupid am I to do this? Huh!)

So, I got the connection on 30th July 2008. And my connection was active only for 2 days. The link went d0wn on 1st August. And, its been 11 days now that I'm struggling with these guys to get a proper response of what's going on. Every time I call the customer service, I get the same reply "Sorry for the inconvenience", "Work in progress", et al. But no one has called me back.

It's been a mental torture for me to come home everyday to see the state of my router and to call the CSR to start explaining the issue all over again every time. I even got this obsessive compulsive disorder of keep on restarting my router every day to see only that my BP raises every time. I even threatened them that I'm planning to cancel the connection, but no response for that as well. I've paid 4 months tariff as advance to get free installation :'(

After googling today for "Tata indicom customer service", I got to see a lot of frustrated posts and complaints overflowing everywhere about their customer service. But then, I guess its all too late for me. I should have done this before applying the connection :'(

If you do have any plans to apply for internet connection, please don't ever go for Tata indicom. Huh!


D said...

if anybody is wondering who that lucky guy is, that's me :)

Vigneshwar said...

obsessive compulsive disorder...
you get the connection or not your vocabs has improved. :)