Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Destination.. Determination.. Deliberation..

I remember writing this post quite some time back. I was endured with a similar situation one more time (only 2nd time ? No, I don't think so), rather every time I plan a trip to Tanjore. I got vexed up, that every time I book a flight from Hyd-Chennai, (so that I could go by train from Chennai-Tanjore) my flight gets delayed and I've to book some other flight and change my plans. So during the Diwali trip, I decided that I should book for two trains, Hyd-Chennai and Chennai-Tanjore. And as the Murphy's law always holds good, even the train from Hyd-Chennai got delayed, and I missed the 2nd train, and was lucky enough (?) to get seat in a govt. bus from Chennai-Tanjore travelling hard, all through the day on the worst roads I've ever been.

Okay that was a lesson to me, and so I decided that I'll stick to my flight-and-then-train plan as I used to do previously for this last week Pongal trip. But there I'm failing yet again, to catch the train from Chennai. It was around 11 30 pm, and I was in Tambaram, and I have missed my train, which was a 2nd AC ticket :( To make things still worse, I missed another special train in just a matter of seconds, after getting an unreserved ticket from the same Tambaram station counter! But, I was lucky enough to get into an Air Bus from there to my place, with a single free seat near the driver, though I couldn't sleep through the night :-) Probably because I was to witness 2 accidents, and an almost an hour long heavy traffic jam at that thick of night. I'm not sure how these heavy jams get sprouted. Is that because of that accident ? Or is that because I was able to see most of the lorry & bus drivers asleep in their seats, not even noticing that the vehicles in front of them have started moving, Ooof pathetic.. We actually woke up 1 lorry driver, on the other side of the road, as he was asleep, so did most of the drivers behind him :)

But I've reached home safely, and have had a wonderful 1-week-vacation at home :-) Btw, coming to the title of this post, for all those muggles who aren't aware of what those 3 words together stand for : they are the 3D's of apparition. If only I'm a wizard, if only I've a wand in my hand, if only I've a broomstick, if only I can use a floo network, or If only I could just fly; I won't be suffering at all every time when I make my trip to my native!

Ok now don't look at me like that, its probably because I've started reading all the HP books again starting from the first one :D


D said...

You missed two trains at Tambaram!! Indha nalla vishayam enakku theriyathe!! Wonderful! En pecha kekkalaina ippadithan..

Vignesh Kumar said...

:'( I could have at least canceled the 2nd AC train ticket.. Huh..

Julian said...

Imagine ur pongal vacation 2 years later ! where nano,micro, etc wud hav hit the roads!

So if u invent ur HP broomstick traveler we all will unanimously recommend ur name for Bharat ratna :)

Vignesh Kumar said...

Hiiii da.. I missed to meet you during the Pongal vacation.. :(

And yeah, We'll definitely need more inventions on that front.. ;)