Sunday, February 08, 2009

Long time no see...

Oh well it's been quite some time since I updated my blog. So, here I'm to write a masala post, as I don't have anything to write on a specific topic.

Of the recent set of movies I've watched, I liked or (to say) was impressed by these 3 movies : Bala's Naan Kadavul, Arundhathi, The Blair witch project. I actually watched the Telugu version of Naan Kadavul & now and then translating the telugu dialogues to tamil for my room-mate :) Arundhathi was a good, rich in technology, fictional telugu movie. Guess, it'll be dubbed & released in Tamil. And and, about this Blair witch project : I couldn't get out of this movie for some 2 or 3 days after watching it, and I literally didn't sleep at all the night I watched the movie! :)

And of recently, I feel like I've not been really marching or working towards any proper goal & that I really have to concentrate more on what I need & what I should do, rather than just whimpering out all the time about what I'm not & I can't. Let me see if I'm keeping my word on this front! :)

I also feel like, I've been so immature all the times. It's like 2 weeks before I might have felt how naive I'm 1 month back, and now I again feel like how immature I've been 2 weeks back. That might probably mean I'm growing ? :P Well, I'm actually facing quarter-life-crisis.

On yet another unrelated note, the code I've written a month back as well looks like a real shit to me today! Yeah, I should've to learn a lot more in everything & everywhere!



Thyagu said...

what do you mean by you "felt" you were immature. You ARE immature :) just kidding..

Of the three, I liked Arundhati the most. Nenu Devudni was just OK. And Blair Witch Project was the scariest. And of course, I watched all the three movies with you :)

smart said...

Impressed by Naan kadavul.. uvack!!

Instead of watching the movie, one can go for a travel in Chennai Metro Train..

smart said...

Whenever you are feeling naive, and whimpering out.. beware.. Ruthran will bless you with a boon..

Vigneshwar said...

I can give one suggestion to all these. but you may not like it :-)