Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moving with People around us

Hi all,

This is my first blog, and the this is going to be on how i moved with people from my childhood..
When i was in my nursery school, I hardly remember 1 or 2 names to whom i have spoken... I still remember the days during my 4th,5th Standards; I came to school, i sit in the corner of the first bench and never used to utter a single word even with the guy sitting next to me... The people around me at that time might have thought me as an alien, who knows..

When I moved to my higher secondary school, I started talking to people, and tried standing amidst a friend circle... But in a few months, I started my favourite sense of Fighting with them.. I dint even speak for more than a year with a guy... I now cherish all those fights, cries and smiles..

Eventhough, I had a set of friends from time to time, I din get a friend who is so close to me, to whom i can share all of my thoughts, feelings.. till my 12th standard.. But atlast I got a good friend after 12th (after my entire school life, which is very sad, but still Ok..)

So, after that I realize manythings in my life, the need for real friends... In whose shoulders we can rest all of our mind, heart.... With such a friend, fights are not like the one that we do with normal persons.... These fights may make us feel to such a great extent, and i may sometime think that why should i get myself trapped into such a feelings burrow... Why cant i maintain a certain distance between friends and maintain a cool relationship...

But I realized myself, which is not at all good.. We should have friends who are very near to our heart with whom we should share each and every incidents of our life...

I will continue writing about me and my people in my next blog..
Bye.. :)


Prathiba said...

hi ViCky,

Good one. Happy to know that other people are bolgging too.
Keep up the good work...


nearfar said...

Good one. Thanks for posting it.

Btw, I don't think we can share "every" moments of our life with a friend. There are some private stuff too!

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Sridhar..
Its not like that.. We cant or we wont share many things with our parents/relatives... Its FRIENDS with whom we can share anything & everything... They have a seperate path in our life..

nearfar said...

I'm not sure whether I agree with that. There are these "tiny tiny" things in life, that we don't bother to share with EVEN our friends (perhaps, as it may hurt them).